WWE Rumors: Charlotte to feud with Paige; Real-life love triangle with Alberto Del Rio to be used as storyline

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Charlotte and Paige (Photo Courtesy: This Morning/YouTube)

The WWE’s newest couple, Paige and Alberto Del Rio, was confirmed to be real after a picture of the two kissing surfaced online last week. According to the latest WWE rumors, Paige may be the next challenger for Charlotte’s WWE women’s championship after Extreme Rules.

However, there is real-life tension going on with Paige and Charlotte, which may be incorporated into their storyline. Ringside News reported that before Del Rio ended up with Paige, he was romantically involved with the current women’s champion.

The love triangle has reportedly led to a real-life backstage heat between the two former friends. Nonetheless, Vince McMahon already instructed the creative to come up with stories for the Charlotte-Paige feud.

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It is the reason, the two faced each other on the May 9 episode Monday Night Raw. It was to see if they can work together professionally and become a program moving forward.

McMahon likes the idea of having a real issue to be part of the story to make it more real at the eyes of the fans. It would not be the first time WWE will be using a love triangle storyline based on real events.

Back in 2005, Lita cheated on his boyfriend Matt Hardy with one of his closest friends, Edge. The situation got out of hand leading to Hardy’s firing.

However, the fans were outraged by it and he was re-hired months later to begin a program with his ex-girlfriend and her lover. The feud was very successful as it launched the career of Edge as a main eventer while Matt Hardy had closure about the whole situation.

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On the other hand, it looks like Charlotte will be prevailing over Natalya in their Submission Match at Extreme Rules. As mentioned in a previous report, Sasha Banks is getting groomed for a bigger storyline this summer. She is rumored to be winning the WWE women’s championship at SummerSlam.

Photo Courtesy: This Morning/YouTube

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