WWE Rumors: Chyna to be inducted into the Hall of Fame next year?

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Joanie ‘Chyna’ Laurer (Photo Courtesy: @ChynaJoanLaurer/Twitter)

The wrestling community is still mourning the shocking death of Joanie “Chyna” Laurer. According to several WWE rumors, many fans are calling for her induction into the Hall of Fame next year and the WWE are looking into it.

Before her death, Chyna has reached out to the WWE for a possible Hall of Fame induction, but the company is worried about her post-wrestling career that involved a sex tape, a porn career and a big substance abuse problem.

The Daily Mirror asked WWE’s executive vice-president of talent, live events and creative, Triple H, about the possibly inducting Chyna to the Hall of Fame.

“You know it’s not my decision, but I definitely think, as I have said before, that what she did in her life certainly warrants it. There was never anybody like her before her, and there will never be anybody like her after. It’s certainly warranted and I’m sure at some point when the time is right, hopefully, that could happen,” Triple H answered.

Chyna last wrestled for the WWE in 2001 and was released from her contract while holding the Women’s championship. If you believe many WWE rumors for many years, her ex-boyfriend Triple H and Stephanie McMahon pushed her away from the company.

Triple H and WWE have always denied these rumors and said that the real reason for Chyna’s release was a disagreement on the terms of a contract extension. The WWE has also acknowledged her death on their official website and has uploaded several videos of the top moments of her career.

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Chyna died Wednesday at an age of 46 due to a possible overdose. She broke the barriers in wrestling and considered a pioneer in the industry. It’s a sad ending for Chyna and the wrestling fans who loved her but at least she’s at peace now.

Photo Courtesy: @ChynaJoanLaurer/Twitter

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