WWE Rumors: Dean Ambrose losing WWE World Title at SummerSlam due to comments about WWE creative?

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Dean Ambrose (Photo Courtesy: @WWE/Twitter)

Dean Ambrose is set to defend the WWE World Championship against Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam. According to the latest WWE rumors, Ambrose might lose the WWE title since he has some backstage heat for his recent comments regarding the creative team.

In his appearance on the Stone Cold podcast last week, Ambrose made some negative comments about the WWE creative team. The word backstage is he got some heat for it since criticizing the creative means criticizing Vince McMahon and Triple H.

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According to The Wrestling Observer (h/t Daily Wrestling News), the WWE chairman and his son-in-law is upset with the WWE champion. However, it is not noted whether the backstage heat is massive or minor.

The report also mentioned that the WWE officials were also unhappy with Ambrose for publicly talking about Brock Lesnar and his “laziness.” Besides the issues with creative and Lesnar, Ambrose did not get any backstage heat for dodging questions from Steve Austin and or his overall awkwardness during the entire interview.

According to What Culture, Dolph Ziggler should get excited for the news since he has a better chance of winning the WWE World Championship. The WWE is known for punishing superstars who have backstage heat.

The latest superstar to feel that wrath was Roman Reigns and he dropped the WWE World Championship. Yes, Reigns violated the WWE Wellness Policy but Vince McMahon is a weird guy and he punishes people he does not like.

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Nevertheless, these are just WWE rumors at the moment and the confirmation of the backstage heat on Dean Ambrose will be known on Sunday. If Ambrose retains, the heat is minor but losing the WWE title to Dolph Ziggler means he has massive backstage heat.

Photo Courtesy: @WWE/Twitter

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