WWE Rumors: The Hardy Boyz could consider a return to the WWE this year

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The Hardy Boyz are one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history. They are currently signed with TNA Wrestling under their new “Broken” characters. Are Matt and Jeff Hardy considering a return to the WWE or will they sign new deals with TNA?

Matt and Jeff Hardy’s deal with TNA expiring in February

The Hardy brothers, who made their name with the WWE as The Hardy Boyz, are having the run of their careers in TNA. Matt became Broken Matt Hardy while Jeff is now known as Broken Brother Nero. They have been the most entertaining act in the entire wrestling industry this year along with Chris Jericho.

However, their contracts with TNA are expiring in February and the WWE is reportedly interested in signing them, per Yahoo! Sports. It is noted that the WWE has been keeping their eyes on the Broken Hardy for a while now.

Are The Hardy Boyz considering a WWE return?

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WhatCulture), TNA’s new owners Anthem are in the early stages of negotiations with Matt and Jeff Hardy. Matt is looking for more creative influence while Jeff will just go with the flow.

Both brothers are interested in coming back to the WWE as mentioned in many interviews in the past year. However, the WWE schedule might not be suitable for Matt and Jeff, especially Matt, who is expecting his second child. Also, Vince McMahon might not give Matt full creative control of his “Broken” character.

Can we expect The Hardy Boyz to return to the WWE?

Matt and Jeff Hardy will eventually return to the WWE, especially Jeff since he’s younger. They will certainly get more creative influence in TNA while also being able to appear on indie shows where they earn a ton of money.

Nevertheless, The Hardy Boyz belong to the WWE. They will certainly get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in five to ten years. But as of this moment, they might re-sign with TNA unless the WWE gives them an offer they cannot refuse.

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