WWE Rumors: Hulk Hogan close to returning? Hulkster’s appeareance on Raw a good sign

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Hulk Hogan (Photo Courtesy: sandwich/Flickr)

The WWE terminated the contract of Terry Bollea, famously known as Hulk Hogan, on July 24, 2015 after a racial tirade on a sex tape went public. According to the latest WWE rumors, Hogan might be closing in on a return to his roots after a cameo on Monday Night Raw.

The 62-year-old made his name in the wrestling industry as WWE’s biggest star in the 1980s and on WCW in the 1990s. He is considered among the greatest superstars of all-time but the WWE erased him from its history after his 2015 controversy.

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However, Hogan’s name has been mentioned several times in the past couple months in some of WWE’s shows like Table for 3, the Stone Cold Podcast, and The Edge and Christian Show. In the latest episode of Raw, Hogan appeared on the tribute video for boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

According to The Inquisitr, a lot of people think that it’s only a matter of time before the WWE and Hogan have another working relationship. The Hulkster has won his legal case with Gawker media but he filed a second lawsuit.

In an interview with Greg and the Morning Buzz, WWE’s EVP of Talent, Live Events, & Creative, Triple H, revealed that they are open to bringing back Hogan. However, he mentioned that the Hulkster should re-establish himself first before a return to WWE will be possible.

“I’m sure is a lot more important to him than anything else. And re-establishing who he is as a human being I’m sure is of utmost important to him, and I’m sure he’s gonna do it, and when he does, we’ll go from there,” Triple H said.

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One thing is for sure in the WWE, they will always be open for returns of many of its former stars even though their departures were unpleasant. Former WWE superstars such as Bret Hart, Bruno Sammartino, Brock Lesnar and The Ultimate Warriors all came back and mend fences with the company.

Photo Courtesy: sandwich/Flickr

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