WWE Rumors: Hulk Hogan returning to WWE

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Photo Courtesy :Matthew Glover/Flickr.com

Good news to all the Hulkamaniacs out there.

One of the legends of the company is reportedly making a return to the WWE. Hulk Hogan, one of the wrestlers who brought the company to greater heights, is set to make his return.

Perhaps it will be fresh in our minds about the racially insensitive remark that the Hulkster has made last year which resulted to his banning from the company. The remarks were related to the sex tape that leaked last year as part of his lawsuit against Gawker. The WWE Hall of Famer confirmed that the language was real forcing the WWE to cut ties with him.

In a report that appeared in DailyDDT, plans are in the work for Hulk Hogan to either return in Wrestlemania or after the event. For the WWE, enough time has passed that people may have already forgotten the remarks or has forgiven Hogan already that they will just act normally when his music is played. There are rumors that Hogan is just asking for nearly a tenth or less of what he will normally makes or would ask for during the weekend.

And as the rumor of the impending return continues, questions on the timeliness of the reinstatement arise. Is it right to bring the former WWE champion back? His remarks on the tape were indefensible and it would seem like the WWE is condoning his behavior if they do bring him back. Besides, it would not hurt the company if Hogan does not come back to the company.

However, Hulk has apologized for his behavior several times already since the tape leaked last summer. In addition, Hogan said that he recorded the tape in 2007 when he was psychologically down and even entertained suicidal thoughts, which he indicated in his autobiography.

Still, it did a great deal in damaging his reputation, which he protected so much that he even stipulated in his WCW contract forbidding any marketing activity that would destroy his name or brand.

In the end, whatever Hulk Hogan has done, he still deserves a second chance. After all, the WWE would never have reached its current status without Hulk Hogan. And if he does return, the WWE must be ready to handle any PR backlash that their actions would have on the company.

PhotoCourtesy: Matthew Glover/Flickr.com

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