WWE Rumors: Jack Swagger, Ryback on the chopping block; More releases coming

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Ryback (Photo Courtesy: Miguel Discart/Wikimedia)

The WWE released a number of its talents on May 6, 2016 as part of the company’s yearly “Black Friday.” According to the latest WWE rumors, there will be more pink slips to be handed sometime at the end of the month.

In a report by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, the word backstage in the WWE is that more releases will be coming at the end of May. Some of the wrestlers that are used scarcely on television may be worried about their job security.

Eight WWE superstars were released last Friday including King Barrett, Damien Sandow, Hornswoggle, El Torito, Cameron, Santino Marella and Zeb Colter. Besides King Barrett, all of the remaining released talents were barely used by the WWE in the past several months.

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King Barrett took to Twitter his explanation regarding his release. He said that he wanted to take a break from the wrestling industry and made the decision not to re-sign a new contract with the WWE.

His contract was set to expire in June 2016 but he was able to reach an agreement with the company regarding an early release. On the other hand, some of the names that are rumored to be on the chopping block include top star Randy Orton, but there is confirmation about it.

Nonetheless, Travis Hopson of Daily DDT speculated the superstars who may be part of the second batch of WWE’s “Black Friday” this year. He mentioned The Ascension, Mark Henry, Adam Rose, Rosa Mendes, Jack Swagger and Ryback.

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The Ascension went from being the top tag team in NXT to jobbers on the main roster. Viktor is currently without Konnor, who was suspended for 60 months due to a violation of the company’s Wellness Policy.

Adam Rose is also currently suspended for the same violations but he spoke up about it that may have angered some top WWE officials. Jack Swagger and Rose Mendes are barely used superstars while Mark Henry’s contract will be up and he has hinted about his retirement since last year.

Lastly, Ryback was sent home last week due to a contract dispute with the WWE. He also expressed his frustrations through social media that may very well be the final nail in the coffin of his WWE career.

Photo Courtesy: Miguel Discart/Wikimedia  

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