WWE Rumors: Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle returning to WWE in 2017

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Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle (Photo Courtesy: Mike Kalasnik & Darren/Flickr)

The WWE has been bringing back former talents to add depth to the roster of both Monday and Night Raw and SmackDown Live. According to the latest WWE rumors, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle might be coming back to the company in 2017.

Both Hardy and Angle have been out of the WWE for many years but they made their name wrestling there. Jeff is currently signed with TNA Wrestling along with his broken brother, Matt Hardy, while Kurt is a free agent but he wrestles for several independent promotions.

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According to The Inquisitr, Jeff and Angle are two of the possible superstars that could appear for the WWE next year along with The Undertaker, The Rock, and Bill Goldberg. The Undertaker and The Rock are part-timers while Goldberg is rumored to be in talks to wrestle one more match for the company.

Backstage WWE rumors suggest that top officials are worried about bringing back both superstars due to their history with injuries and substance abuse. Hardy is no stranger to drugs and he just came back from a broken leg. On the other hand, Angle got addicted to painkillers and he has undergone neck surgery five times in his career.

Jeff, who will be a free agent on February2017, expressed his desire in a recent interview with LA Weekly to end his career in the WWE. He mentioned that he wants to face The Undertaker in a Hell in Cell Match at WrestleMania.

“Man, I want to Swanton off the top of the cell, onto the commentary table. Then, I want to climb the cell, cut the f****** cage, when Taker’s back in the ring, and Swanton though the cage, miss, and then Tombstone 1-2-3,” Hardy said.

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As for Angle, he revealed on The Ric Flair podcast that he has buried the hatchet with Triple H. He revealed that he will return to the company either in 2017 or in 2018.

“If I go back to WWE it would most likely be the year or year after. I did talk with Triple H a few months ago, very loose conversation. They have interest, I have interest. They don’t know what to do with me yet, you know, it was more of a loose conversation,” Angle said.

It should be noted that these are just WWE rumors at the moment and both stars have not been confirmed to return. Nevertheless, it is only of time before they come back to the WWE to either have one final run or get inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Photo Courtesy: Mike Kalasnik & Darren/Flickr

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