WWE Rumors: Jerry “The King” Lawler suspended indefinitely following arrest on alleged domestic violence against girlfriend, Lauryn McBride?

Jerry Lawler suspended by WWE for alleged domestic violence with girlfriend Lauryn McBride
WWE has issued a statement that Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler is suspended indefinitely following his arrest together with his girlfriend for alleged domestic violence Friday morning in Memphis.

WWE has issued a statement that Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler is suspended indefinitely following his arrest together with his girlfriend, Lauryn McBride, for alleged domestic violence Friday morning in Memphis.

In the statement issued by the WWE it stated that Jerry Lawler was arrested at his home by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and based on the report it stated that Lawler and his girlfriend, Lauryn McBride, were taken into custody and booked on alleged charges of domestic assault—bodily harm, a misdemeanor.

“WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, and per our policy, Jerry Lawler has been suspended indefinitely following his arrest,” WWE stated.

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TMZ reported that both Lawler and McBride have accused one another of assault. McBride told officers that around 1 a.m. she and Lawler got into a heated argument that turned physical. McBride narrated that 66-year-old wrestler-turned-ringside commentator hit her in the head and pushed her against a stove in the kitchen. Lawler went as much as getting an unloaded pistol and told her to “kill yourself.”

Lawler’s side of the story stated that it was McBride who was drunk at the time of the incident and Lawler explained that McBride scratched him in the face, threw a candle at him and just like a wrestling match, McBride kick him in the groin – good thing nobody got a close line and sent down to the ground flat. Lawler added that it was McBride who brought the gun into the fight scene.

Lawler and McBride managed to post separate bail and were released by the authorities around 11:30 a.m. However, they are both due for a court appearance on Monday to give their side of the story in front of a judge and enter a plea.

This is not the first time that Lawler was arrested, in 1999 Lawler got involved in an argument with a police officer over a parking ticket and the argument did not end well to the point that Lawler ran over the officer’s foot.

In an interview with WMC Action News 5, Lawler aired his side of the story and claimed that he came to the house first and McBride came in later intoxicated after watching Game Six of the NBA featuring the Golden State Warriors against the Cleveland Cavaliers. He added that McBride wanted to leave again but he would not let her drive the car since he knew she was already intoxicated and that sparked the argument that led to her allegedly attacking him.

“We got into a little bit of a shouting match and then she wanted to leave. I was not going to let her leave in the car because she was just not in any condition to drive. She got more and more upset, she called 9-1-1 and scratched my face in the process. The police came in and said that this was a domestic dispute and that they were ‘going to have to take both of you guys downtown’. It’s just an unfortunate situation. Nobody was hit and nobody was hurt. It’s just something that happened as a result of drinking too much,” Lawler said.

Lawler then denied hitting McBride and denied getting the gun and telling her to kill herself. He added that it was McBride who took and threw the gun at him. He further noted that he might have placed the gun on the counter, but denied any of the McBride’s statement of killing her.

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Lawler also stated that McBride has a drinking problem and narrated that she had an incident last week while she was intoxicated at the CMA Awards and got into a fist fight with her aunt. Lawler said that the incident was unfortunate but he stressed that he had no intentions of hurting McBride and insisted that it was him who was the victim in the first place.

Both Lawler and McBride will have to compose themselves as they are set for a court appearance on Monday and hope that the issue would be resolved and nobody would be sentenced for jail time.

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