WWE Rumors: John Cena to have a career vs. title feud with A.J. Styles after his return?

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John Cena is currently on hiatus to film the second season of his FOX reality television show, “American Grit.” According to the latest WWE rumors, Cena is expected to resume his feud with A.J. Styles upon his return and it could be for the WWE World Championship.

The 15-time WWE World champion lost cleanly to Styles at SummerSlam and it was a way to write him off television. He is getting more outside projects including the second season of his TV show following two successful hosting gigs in the 2016 ESPYS and Teen Choice Awards.

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Meanwhile, A.J. Styles is set to face Dean Ambrose at Backlash on September 11 for the WWE World Championship. WWE rumors suggest that Vince McMahon and other top officials are high on The Phenomenal One.

Styles has the momentum going into SmackDown Live’s first brand-exclusive pay-per-view after the brand extension. He is even expected to win his first WWE World Title from Ambrose, who has becomes stale since winning the championship at Money in the Bank.

According to PWMania, the current plan for Cena’s return later this year will be resuming his feud against Styles. If the WWE wants to boost SmackDown’s ratings during Cena’s absence, they can put the WWE World title to Styles and ride the momentum he is on.

One of the possible storylines the WWE can use for Cena and Styles next is a career vs. title feud, per Sportskeeda. The WWE has been teasing Cena’s retirement and they can make it work with Styles as the WWE World champion.

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It is the perfect way for Cena to win his 16th WWE World title but the company has to be careful since it may lead to a big fan backlash. Nevertheless, these are just WWE rumors at the moment and nothing has been confirmed.

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