WWE Rumors: John Cena to play Superior in Marvel Cinematic Universe: Mark Millar ‘in touch’ with WWE star

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John Cena in Thor: Ragnarok
John Cena in Thor: Ragnarok

John Cena may be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) soon, as writer Mark Millar recently gave a shout out to the WWE superstar to star in what would be a live action rendition of Superior.

In case you’re wondering though, Millar is one of THE names in the comic book universe having penned some of the best stories for staples like Wolverine, Fantastic Four and the Avengers. He’s also behind comic books turned movie hits Kick-Ass, Kingsman: The Secret Service and Wanted.

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The writer is now looking to bring his comic book Superior to live action film life, and after seeing 2015’s Trainwreck, has put his sights on John Cena. He even Tweeted about it.

But who exactly is the comic book character?

Superior is the story of young Simon Pooni, who contracts multiple sclerosis during childhood. But a space monkey (yes, space monkey) appears and grants him a wish turning him into his favorite superhero, enabling him to fly, pound on villains and perform other super power feats.

John Cena perfect for Superior role?

With a very sensitive topic that also tries to approach a younger audience, it’s no wonder why Millar is really considering Cena for the role.

“Superior‘s a project we’ve been developing for a little while and different actors have been on everyone’s radar. It’s a fun story, the conceit being Big meets Superman, so it needs to be someone who can pull off the comedy,” shared the writer. He added that he needed “an actor who didn’t take himself too seriously and could do the funny moments as well as the poignant ones. It also needed to be someone a 12-year old boy would make a magic wish to be.”

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And after watching the Amy Schumer comedy, Millar immediately saw John Cena playing the part.

“John physically looks perfect for the part, but that’s only 10% of why I think he works. It’s the heart of the character he seems to embody very well,” wrote Millar in his email. “He and I are in touch and I’ve told the rest of the team he’d be my absolute favorite choice.”

And from the looks of things, what Millar wants, Millar will get.

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