WWE Rumors: John Cena to win 16th world title at WWE No Mercy: What beating Ric Flair’s record could mean for WWE

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John Cena to win WWE No Mercy
John Cena to win WWE No Mercy

John Cena will have his chance to tie Ric Flair’s record of sixteen world championships this Sunday, when he goes up against AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose at WWE No Mercy 2016. But the question in everyone’s minds is-will he actually be able to do it?

From the looks of things, yes and no.

Yes, John Cena will be able to eventually clinch his 16th title, but quite possibly in another match, another time and maybe even against another wrestler.

According to Bleacher Report, “Fans have known this for years, so the upcoming Triple Threat title match at WWE No Mercy 2016 on Sunday against AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose came as no great surprise.”

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But the website goes on to report that Cena has already been planning to lie low in the WWE for a while, to focus more on other projects. And this “crossover” to the mainstream has proven successful thus far, which is why his participation in No Mercy has come as a surprise for many.

Fans are expecting that AJ Styles will retain his title, since it is common knowledge that the wrestler will do anything to keep his belt. His last match against Dean Ambrose proved this when Styles delivered a devastating low-blow to beat his opponent.

John Cena edged out by a hair in fan poll

A recent poll by Heavy also showed that Styles is the favorite to win the match, narrowly edging out Cena 46 percent to 42 percent. Their third opponent, Dean Ambrose only garnered a measly 11 percent of the fan votes.

Should Cena get his coveted win, though, many would probably agree that the wrestler will deserve it.

After being the face of the WWE for the past ten years, there would probably be no one else more deserving to achieve such an honor. With a John Cena win, the WWE will also ensure big money, since the wrestler is still one of the (if not the biggest) top draw in the wrestling company’s current roster, and putting a belt back on his waist could ensure higher ratings.

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Other have argued, though, that this may contradict the WWE’s plans for the new era. And putting a veteran on top of a pool of young talent many not send the right message to fans.

Nonetheless, expect WWE No Mercy to be a hell of a show.

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