WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle close to returning? Greatest matches DVD on the works

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Kurt Angle (Photo Courtesy: Journalist 1st Class Kristin Fitzsimmons/Wikimedia)

Many wrestling fans would love to see Kurt Angle return to the WWE before he officially retires. According to the latest rumors, WWE is considering a DVD and Blu-Ray title of Angle’s greatest matches that could lead to possible come back to the company where he made his name.

The Wrestling DVD Network revealed that the WWE has issued a new Fan Council Survey this week of potential DVD and Blu-ray titles for 2017. Some of the titles under consideration are for Black History in WWE, The Anoa’i Family, The Rhodes Family, The Undertaker and more.

The most intriguing from the list courtesy of Wrestling Inc. is the DVD for Kurt Angle’s greatest matches. The WWE is only gauging fan interest and there is no guarantee that they will be releasing the story of the only Olympic Gold medalist to compete in the WWE.

The DVD’s synopsis says, “Kurt Angle is the greatest ‘real athlete’ in WWE history – Watch a collection of his greatest matches and find out why!”

The 47-year-old wrestling legend has been looking for a way to return to WWE but his past DUI charges and painkiller addiction was too much for the company to handle. However, in a recent interview with the World According Wrestling, Angle revealed that he has been sober for the last three years that could lead to him getting re-signed by the WWE.

“Being clean now for three years and abiding by what I have to, I know that there will come a time where I will go back,” Angle said.

If he can’t go back full time or even as a part-time in the WWE, Angle just wants to have closure and talk with Vince McMahon.

“It’s not about even wrestling for the WWE again, it’s just having closure. Being able to have that meeting with Vince where everything is good, it’s water under the bridge and we’re good to go,” he said on Vince Russo’s THE BRAND podcast.

Photo Courtesy: Journalist 1st Class Kristin Fitzsimmons/Wikimedia

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