WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle confirms his return; When will he appear again on WWE television?

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Kurt Angle (Photo Courtesy: Darren/Flickr)

Kurt Angle is the only Olympic Gold Medalist in the WWE history and he is also one of the best professional wrestlers of all-time. According to the latest WWE rumors, Angle has confirmed that he will be back with the WWE but he does not know when it will be.

The 47-year-old started his WWE career on November 14, 1999 at the Survivor Series when he defeated Shawn Stasiak. He went on to become a five-time WWE World champion before asking for his release in 2006 and take some time off to heal injuries.

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In an appearance on Mark Madden’s podcast, Angle revealed that he recently talked to Triple H about a WWE return. He mentioned that it was a good conversation and he will be coming back to the company but he does not know when.

“I did talk Triple H about six weeks. It was a good conversation. We’re on good terms. Will I return? Yes. I don’t know when. They have not contacted me about the brand split. I’m not expecting anything. So, if they do contact me, great. If they don’t, that’s fine as well,” Angle said via PW Torch.

The Olympian added that he knows it’s not going to be at the brand split but he noted that the WWE has a plan. He also said that the company should bring back superstars who can still wrestle and not just veteran talents.

“What they want to do and what they told me is they are trying to push the younger guys to make bigger names. They weren’t necessarily looking for older guys, and then all of a sudden the brand split occurred. I can still go. If you’re going to bring someone back, it should be guys who can still go,” he said.

If ever Angle makes his return, he would be perfect as a mentor for American Alpha, who will surely be called up to the main roster. He is one of the most decorated wrestlers in history and an alliance with Chad Gable and Jason Jordan can turn them into stars.

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Angle last wrestled for the WWE on August 8, 2006 against Sabu before getting released 17 days later. He went on to work for TNA Wrestling until March 2016 when he started teasing a WWE return. The WWE Draft will be on July 19 and expect big surprises on the event.

Photo Courtesy: Darren/Flickr

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