WWE Rumors: Matt Hardy’s ‘Broken’ gimmick rights obtained after agreement with TNA?

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Matt Hardy
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The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has reached an agreement with Impact Wrestling over the rights of the Broken gimmick used by Matt Hardy. Rumors are suggesting that the company can use the famous gimmick on their weekly programming.

However, Dave Meltzer of the Wresting Observer Newsletter revealed that no deal between both the wrestling promotions has been reached yet. Meltzer mentioned that he reached out to the WWE to confirm the rumors. However, he hasn’t heard anything back, according to RSN.

“The plan is to do the “Broken” character, and they’re doing this right now. The delay is that they’ve gotta work out the deal, and the deal is not worked out,” Meltzer said on the Wrestling Observer Radio show.

Matt needs Broken persona for the long term

The Broken Hardy gimmick made its debut in Impact Wrestling in 2016. Matt Hardy’s Broken persona saw him bleach part of his hair blonde and obtain a strange British-like accent.

Many people thought that the new gimmick wouldn’t work out for Matt and that he would forever remain in the shadow of his brother Jeff. However, the gimmick worked wonders for Matt and many fans have grown to love his Broken persona.

During his initial run in the WWE, Matt never made a significant impact. He has always been hidden in the shadow of his brother, Jeff. However, the Broken gimmick has given the 42-year-old a new dimension and he has propelled himself to a new stratosphere.

Ever since the Hardy Boyz returned at WrestleMania 33, the WWE has been in negotiations with Impact Wrestling over ownership of the gimmick. However, Impact Wrestling have tried their best to be defiant and prevent the WWE from obtaining the rights to the gimmick.

Matt Hardy teasing return of Broken gimmick

But, if rumors are to be believed, then Matt Hardy will soon be debuting his Broken side on the red brand. The man from Cameron, North Carolina teased a return to his famous gimmick in a recent tweet.

If WWE wants The Hardy’s to work long term, this deal needs to happen. While the old, Attitude Era version of Matt and Jeff may make us all feel warm and fuzzy for a few weeks, the new Total Deletion version has so much more potential.

The Hardys will defend their Raw Tag Team Championships against Sheamus and Cesaro this Sunday at WWE Payback.

Photo courtesy: Mike Kalasnik/Flickr

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