WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns to be part of Clash of Champions main event

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Roman Reigns (Photo Courtesy: Megan Elice Meadows/Flickr)

Roman Reigns has a chance to make the WWE Universal Title Match at Clash of Champions a Triple Threat if he defeats Kevin Owens in next week’s Monday Night Raw. According to the latest WWE rumors, Reigns will likely win and be part of the title match.

The original main event of Clash of Champions is Kevin Owens defending the WWE Universal championship against Seth Rollins. However, Raw GM Mick Foley made things more interesting by allowing Reigns to have a chance next week.

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Several WWE rumors point out that The Guy might go over Owens next week as he has been booked really strong in the past month despite his recent suspension. He ended this week of Raw once again by taking out Chris Jericho, who is an ally of KO.

There were reports stating that Reigns was supposed to challenge Rusev once again for the United States championship at Clash of Champions but it might be happening. According to 411 Mania, Rusev and Lana are off of television for a month after getting married in Bulgaria last week.

If those WWE rumors are true, then Reigns is obviously going to be inserted in the WWE Universal title match with Owens and Rollins. However, there might be a couple of ways to take him off that card while keeping him busy for Raw’s first brand-exclusive PPV.

First is Triple H coming back next week and helping Owens defeat Reigns. The second is Rusev, who can appear on Raw, and cost The Big Dog his chance. It sets up either Reigns vs. Triple H or Reigns vs. Rusev at Clash of Champions.

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According to Brian Mazique of Forbes, the WWE is just spicing things up with Clash of Champions several weeks away. He mentioned that the best story at the moment will be the Rollins-Owens feud while Reigns resumes his rivalry with Rusev.

Photo Courtesy: Megan Elice Meadows/Flickr

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