WWE Rumors: Rusev absence from WWE TV explained

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Wrestling Observer has reported that WWE’s plans for Rusev seem to have changed. It further noted that this might be the reason why we have not seen him return to TV yet.

Rusev is currently taking time out to recover from a shoulder injury that he picked up back in March. He was recently seen in a video on WWE’s YouTube channel. It saw him demand a WWE Championship match at Money in the Bank.

Rusev not fond of Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan

He also stated that he was not very fond of Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon. Rusev had threatened to pack his bags and go to Bulgaria if his demands were not met.

There have been a lot of questions regarding why Rusev has not returned to television. According to the Observer, the delay in his return is due to a change in plans. As for Money in the Bank, Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal are set to square off for the WWE championship, leaving Rusev out of the whole scenario.

A WWE Championship feud involving Rusev cannot be completely ruled out despite his delayed return. He could still get into the WWE title scene by interfering in the MITB main event between Orton and Mahal.

Rusev next feud planned by WWE

WWE could also make Rusev feud with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan as he has already expressed that he dislikes the two authority figures.

Rusev is a talent that could be directly inserted into the main event once he makes his return. As the SmackDown roster is a bit shallow compared to that of Monday Night Raw, it is important that they make good use of performers like Rusev. A Shane McMahon – Rusev feud was rumored earlier and from the looks of it, WWE is heading down such a path.

Photo courtesy: horusfalcon35/Flickr

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