WWE Rumors: Ryback reveals reason for WWE departure, ‘They were lying to me’

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Ryback shares why he left the WWE
Ryback shares why he left the WWE

Wrestler Ryan Reeves, more popularly known as Ryback, announced his departure from the WWE by sharing a video (which can be seen below) that shows him thanking the wrestling company and his fellow performers. Not much details were released regarding his separation from the WWE, until today when he debuted his Podcast, Conversation with the Big Guy.

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In the Podcast, Ryback shared what he felt was wrong with the WWE, and how these factors eventually led to his departure. He also made it clear that his parting ways with the wrestling company was not even because of money or fame, but was more of how he, and the other athletes, were treated by the WWE.

“Not about a money issue, just so everybody knows, I walked away from the WWE, the contract offer that I walked away from was a three-year $1.5 million contract,” said Reeves during the Podcast. “They already had the new contract that had the changes in it and so now I felt like they were just going to run me into the ground before I left and get me as low as we could possibly get me. We’ve seen them do it with guys.”

Reeves also emphasized how he had felt lied to and cheated, explaining how he and other wrestlers have been “mishandled horribly” by the WWE.

“My opponent was supposed to be AJ Styles at WrestleMania, in which Vince told me I’m going to ‘squash that little twerp.’ (But) a week after that conversation my opponent had already been changed to Kalisto,” shared Reeves. “The WrestleMania match got put on the pre-show. I went to the attorney and I said ‘I want to make these changes in the contract because if I’m going to stay here I need to know they’re going to commit to me because they’re just lying to me now, left and right.”

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Though this could just be one side of the entire story, other big names in the WWE had also voiced similar concerns. CM Punk, who has also left the WWE, complained of Vince McMahon’s mistreatment in another Podcast interview, after being fired from the company on his wedding day.

Hopefully, the Ryback Podcast gets the Chairman’s attention, or they might just be hearing a**hole chants in an empty stadium.

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