WWE Rumors : Shawn Michaels to be guest referee in Wrestlemania 32

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During his heyday as a wrestler, Shawn Michaels was one of the most popular personalities in the WWE locker room. Any Wrestlemania would never be complete without HBK on its card.

To add on to the hype of this year’s Wrestlemania 32, there is a rumor that Michaels would make an appearance or play a role in the annual pay-per-view event. But what role will he have in Wrestlemania 32?

While Shawn Michaels himself confirmed that he will be watching Wrestlemania from inside, there is still no confirmation as to what role he will have during the event.

According to an article published in Wrestling, Inc, there are two potential roles that Shawn Michaels can have in Wrestlemania 32 to be held at the AT & T Stadium in his home state of Texas. The first role, according to the report, will have HBK act as special guest referee for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Triple H and Roman Reigns. Everyone knows that Hunter and Michaels are best friends. Another reason for him being guest referee is to “stack the deck” against Reigns.

Another role that Michaels would have is to be part of a run-in in one of the matches. This could mean Shawn could be on Triple H’s side knowing their history and his friendship with The Game. To even the odds, the run-in could also involve The Rock being on Reign’s side since they are real life cousins.

WWE had been doing this in previous Wrestlemanias especially in matches that are not generating much interest or is not likely to be that good. For example, in last year’s Wrestlemania 31, the match between Triple H and Sting did not generate that much interest so they inserted a run-in that involved the NwO and DX. It also happened in Royal Rumble when The Rock helped out Reigns in the 2015 Royal Rumble.

Photo Courtesy : David Seto/Wikimedia Commons.org

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