WWE Rumors: SmackDown to have its own world championship

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WWE World Heavyweight Titles (Photo Courtesy: WWE/YouTube)

The WWE confirmed on Wednesday that the brand split will be coming back after almost five years. According to the latest WWE rumors, the current plan is for SmackDown to have its own world championship.

As mentioned in a previous report, the WWE announced that SmackDown will be airing live on the USA Network starting on July 19. It should also be noted that both brands are going to feature to distinct rosters.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer (h/t What Culture) mentioned in his report that the current plan is to introduce another world championship for SmackDown. However, Meltzer added that it nothing has been decided and it is subject to changes.

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Many fans were disappointed by the WWE rumors of having another world title since it will hurt the current WWE World Heavyweight championship. Some people want the secondary titles, the Intercontinental and United States championships, to be elevated.

If the WWE goes to add another world championship, it will likely be similar to the gold World Heavyweight title belt that was used in WCW and the Ruthless Aggression era. The last person to hold that title was Randy Orton, who unified it with the WWE championship in TLC 2013.

Orton defeated John Cena to become the first-ever WWE World Heavyweight champion. The single belt that is presently used by the Roman Reigns was introduced in August 2014 during the reign of Brock Lesnar.

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As for the Tag Team and Women’s championships, there are still no concrete plans if each will be exclusive to a particular brand. Nonetheless, the WWE is building towards the right direction since many underutilize superstars will have more time on television.

Photo Courtesy: WWE/YouTube

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