WWE Rumors : Still unclear on The Rock’s role in Wrestlemania 32

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While it is already confirmed that The Rock will appear in Wrestlemania 32, it is still unclear what role he will have in the annual pay-per-view at the AT &T Center in Dallas, Texas.

In a tweet, “The Great One” himself confirmed his appearance in Wrestlemania 32. This is the statement The Rock made:

“It’s official. People’s champ is coming home to do three things with the People: Set an all-time attendance record. Electrify Dallas like never before and make all-time Wrestlemania history. Have fun. Okay that’s four things, but you know what the hell. The Rock’s sayin ‘Thank you WWE Universe. It’s always an honor coming home and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

In an article that appeared in Wrestle Zone, it was originally rumored that The Rock’s availability to appear in the show will be limited due to his shooting schedule for Baywatch. It was also reported that holding up production even for a day would be extremely difficult but not impossible.

As to what role The Brahma Bull will have at Wrestlemania 32, there are several scenarios that cooks up his role in Wrestlemania 32. One scenario is to have him in a Six-Man Tag Match between The Usos and The New Day. Back in January, The Rock made a Raw appearance and got involved in trash-talking with The New Day’s Big E. A match at Wrestlemania 32 will not only involve the crowd but also will be a great match.

Another possible scenario is that he will be special guest referee for the Triple H vs Roman Reigns WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. This will give Reigns a chance for payback for being screwed out of his World Heavyweight title match at Royal Rumble.

A third scenario is a possible team-up with former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey to take on the father and daughter team of Stephanie McMahon and Vince. One of the highlights of Wrestlemania 31 last year was when Rousey locked Stephanie in an armbar. With Triple H probably occupied with Roman Reigns, Vince is a logical partner for his daughter.

The last scenario would be to have The Rock act as emcee for Wrestlemania 32. If anyone gets out of line, they could get Rock Bottomed or experience The People’s Elbow.

Nevertheless, the confirmed appearance of The Rock alone happens a truly eventful one.

Photo Courtesy : Simon/Wikipedia.org

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