WWE Rumors: Superstar behind the NXT ‘Sanity’ video teaser revealed

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NXT ‘What is Sanity’ (Photo Courtesy: @sescoops/Twitter)

During NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II last Saturday, there was a video teaser of a new NXT superstar with the words “Sanity” on it. According to the latest WWE rumors, the identity of the wrestler behind the video has been revealed.

The video, which can be seen below, teased a new superstar that will be making his or her way to NXT. Some WWE rumors are stating that it could be a female star while there are some that say it is a former TNA World Champion.

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According to F4WOnline (h/t Daily Wrestling News), the identity of the superstar in the “Sanity” video teaser is independent star, “Crazy” Mary Dobson. The 22-year-old wrestler previously appeared on NXT as an enhancement talent.

It has been confirmed that Dobson already signed a contract with the WWE and she will be starting as soon as possible. However, the report noted that former TNA World Champion, Eric Young, could also be the one being teased in the vignette.

Young, who already made an appearance on NXT back in May, also signed a contract with the WWE. Nevertheless, NXT will be having another character that will continue the growth of the brand. NXT needs new stars following the call-ups of many of its talents to the main roster.

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Dutch wrestler, Tommy End, has also been part of many WWE rumors in the past several months. According to 411 Mania, End already signed a deal with the WWE and he will start in NXT very shortly. His gimmick and look also fit the “Sanity” vignette very well.

Photo Courtesy: @sescoops/Twitter

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