WWE Rumors: TNA Wrestling bought by WWE: What could happen if deal is signed

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TNA Wrestling bought by WWE
TNA Wrestling bought by WWE

Last week, there was much buzz about the possible sell out of TNA Wrestling, as the struggling company tries to go for a last ditch effort to salvage any semblance of legacy in wrestling history. Among the rumored purchasers of TNA included the WWE (obviously), Sinclair Broadcasting, which owns Ring of Honor (ROH), and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan.

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Initially, Corgan seemed to be the front-runner in the massive deal, having been the wrestling company’s senior producer of creative and talent development. But with the WWE coming in to the picture, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio thinks that all other possible buyers can just kiss the deal goodbye.

“So we still don’t have a deal, and it’s like, time is running out. There’s no money to fund this coming week’s television and pay-per-view,” shared Meltzer. “WWE is back in the picture, which is a real interesting thing, because with WWE in the picture, it could be over.”

Given the state of things, a deal between TNA and WWE may not be far away, so what happens next once a contract is inked?

TNA Wrestling is done, but the tapes are kept

According to Forbes, should a deal be signed, fans of TNA should expect to see their wrestling company go six feet under. But (most) probably, the WWE will keep the tape library, to add to their already golden vault of wrestling archives.

TNA Wrestling is (still) done and (some) wrestlers are kept

The sad and painful reality that may happen in a buy-out is that many (but hopefully not) from the wrestling company’s roster could be taken out, once the WWE steps in. Names like Bobby Lashley, Mike Bennett and Moose could be a shoe in, since they already have an established reputation in wrestling, overshadowing their less popular counterparts in TNA.

TNA Wrestling is done and Impact Wrestling is cancelled

With little reason to actually bring in Impact Wrestling into the WWE, it will probably just cease to exist. With Raw and Smackdown already set as the wrestling company’s staple shows, stars of Impact Wrestling would better suit NXT Lite in the WWE universe.

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So apparently, should a WWE purchase of TNA Wrestling become final, the company will probably go down for the count.

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