WWE Rumors: Triple H sent feelers to woo broken Matt Hardy back to WWE

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Matt Hardy to return to WWE?
Matt Hardy to return to WWE?

It seems broken Matt Hardy has gotten the attention of the WWE, as the wrestling company has reportedly sent feelers from intermediaries who brought the message that Triple H is keen on signing him when his contract expires in spring 2017.

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Though the WWE will have a lot to match, as the Hardy’s current arrangement with TNA gives him creative control of his character and even dictates his own schedule.

“With WWE, there’s the killer schedule which probably isn’t the best thing for him physically right now,” Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter wrote. “Granted, if something happens to TNA, that equation changes because he’s loaded with ideas for his character and he would need television to get them over.”

Obviously there is a wide margin of difference between the WWE and TNA, with the former following what some consider the “PG era” of broadcasting. With regards to the schedule arrangement, it may be possible for Hardy to get the same arrangement as Brock Lesnar, who gets to work with the WWE part-time. Although Lesnar has much more pull than Hardy.

Matt Hardy to also make the return to WWE with brother?

Some are theorizing though that a Matt Hardy return to the WWE would also make sense for the wrestling company to help boost the popularity of its tag team division in Raw or SmackDown, especially with the departure of the Dudley Boyz. Although, this would bring about another question of whether they will bring in his brother, Jeff Hardy.

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According to sources, long time fans had been clamoring for a Jeff Hardy return to the WWE, as well. The Matt and Jeff Hardy, who were popularly known as the tag team Hardy Boyz from 1998 until 2005 was one of the most popular duos that ever entered the WWE ring. By 2010, he had already gone back and left the WWE again, before finally settling with TNA, where he has thrived as the Broken Matt Hardy character.

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