WWE Rumors: The Undertaker career done after WWE star seen in crutches

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The Undertaker vs John Cena
The Undertaker vs John Cena

Those looking forward to an Undertaker return to the WWE anytime soon might have to temper their expectations a bit as recent photos of the legendary wrestler seem to indicate that he may not be back in the ring anytime soon.

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The image, which can be seen below, shows the Undertaker (whose real name is Mark William Calaway) in crutches which could be attributed to one of many injuries that the WWE legend has suffered in his 30-year wrestling career. Since posting the photo has been making waves online, further fueling speculation that the Deadman is down for the count.

Noticeably, the Starbucks barista in the photo is wearing a cast, which has prompted others to think that the Undertaker simply borrowed the crutches as a joke.

But another photo that was shared in another Tweet showed the crutches loaded in the Undertaker’s pickup truck, which seemed to confirm that he is indeed rehabilitating an injury. If you look closely at the photo below, the crutches can be seen in the passenger seat of the Undertaker’s truck.

WrestleMania 32 last match for the Undertaker?

WWE fans would remember that the Undertaker was last seen in the ring at WrestleMania 32, wherein he reportedly said WWE chairman Vince McMahon that his wrestling career was over, after the match. He was also pulled out of a supposed European tour, which initially included him in the match card.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Live also made some disconcerting updates about the Deadman, hinting that he really has seen his last WWE match.

“Obviously [The Undertaker] is hurt. He has been on two crutches, not just one. People are always asking about Undertaker at WrestleMania, and usually, when it’s October, the usual word is when I ask people who are friends with him are like ‘he ain’t coming back this year, he’s done,” shared Meltzer. “And then around the end of November, it’s like ‘well, maybe he’s gonna come back,’ and then by December he’s got a match. That’s the cycle every single year. Put it this way, I looked at those pictures and I thought, man, he may be done for real this time.”

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There is a glimmer of life for the Undertaker, though, as rumors are also suggesting that he COULD appear at Royal Rumble in Texas, next year. But that is if he is able to rise back up from the grave (without his crutches).

Photo Courtesy: Vishal Somaiya

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