WWE Rumors: Mr. McMahon to announce Shane & Stephanie will both run WWE?

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WWE Payback 2016 (Photo Courtesy: WWE.com)

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is set to announce who will permanently be in charge of Monday Night Raw at Payback this Sunday. The latest WWE rumors imply a brand split is on the horizon with Shane McMahon running one show and Stephanie McMahon running another.

According to a report by Cageside Seats, it is expected that Vince will announce that Shane and Stephanie will both run the WWE. There is no confirmation regarding these WWE rumors but a brand split has speculated for the past couple of months.

Both McMahon siblings have good arguments for the storyline’s sake, as mentioned in the WWE.com preview. The Authority is taking credit for the success of WresteMania and the launch of the WWE Network.

“Stephanie claimed it was because of The Authority’s vision that WWE celebrated the biggest WrestleMania ever, not to mention launched WWE Network. Stephanie then went a step further in her argument against her brother, saying Shane abandoned the WWE Universe years ago.”

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On the other hand, Shane has been doing a fantastic job running Raw since WrestleMania 32 even though he lost a stipulation match with The Undertaker. The current McMahon Family storyline is loosely based on real-life events that happened backstage that caused Shane-O-Mac to leave the WWE in the first place.

“Shane, meanwhile, has stated that Stephanie’s leadership contaminated the WWE locker room, and he credited the passion of the WWE Universe, not The Authority’s vision, for WWE’s success.”

As mentioned in a previous report, there will be pros and cons regarding a possible brand split. The WWE’s main roster has never been so full of talented performers that they only need is the right story and a good amount of TV time.

SmackDown’s recent move to the USA Network is a big factor since the WWE will be forced to improve its quality so that it can compete with Raw.

Photo Courtesy: WWE.com

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