WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon to give Breezango a makeover

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Breezango (Photo Courtesy: @SOMEKINDALOVE/Twitter)

The WWE brand extension will cause tag team partners to get separated but one team that is reportedly safe is Breezango. According to the latest WWE rumors, Vince McMahon is high on the team of Tyler Breeze and Fandango, and a makeover is currently planned for them.

Daily Wrestling News reported earlier this month that WWE chairman was a fan of Breezango. There were reports that they might be given a push but nothing has come to fruition yet because they are stuck in a comedic feud with The Golden Truth.

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However, there might be hope for the Breeze and Fandango since McMahon is still high on them. The WWE chairman will be giving them a makeover and they won’t be split up during the WWE Draft on July 19, per Cageside Seats.

It should be noted that Breezango indeed has potential when it comes to their gimmick since they are alike. Both superstars have narcissistic personas with Prince Pretty being a male model while Fandango is a male dancer.

They are also both talented wrestlers that have not been given the opportunity to showcase it. Breeze was a standout in NXT but the creative team does not know how to use him. He also had a long losing streak on television.

Meanwhile, Fandango’s debut at WrestleMania 29 was a big deal since he defeated Chris Jericho. It was also his first ever match but the WWE failed to capitalize on it. The same thing also happened as the WWE botched the popularity of Fandango’s theme as the fans started chanting it.

As for the makeover, they probably will have to change a little bit of their style but their gimmicks are perfectly fit for each other. They can always bring in Tye Dillinger, who have a similar gimmick, and make another stable.

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Nonetheless, the WWE will need all the talent they can for the brand extension. The tag team division is a little stale but if McMahon is truly high on Breezango, expect a good push for the team. However, these are just rumors at the moment and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Photo Courtesy: @SOMEKINDALOVE/Twitter

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