WWE Rumors: Xavier Woods to turn on The New Day; Tag team champs may split soon

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The New Day (Photo Courtesy: Miguel Discart/Flickr)

The New Day have been WWE Tag Team champions for more than 300 days and they are very close to breaking the record for the longest tag team title reign in WWE history. However, the latest WWE rumors suggest that The New Day may split up soon and Xavier Woods could be the one turning heel.

In the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, the seeds of the breakup of The New Day was planted when Woods left Kofi Kingston and Big E. for not taking The Wyatt Family seriously. He insisted that going into the Wyatt’s territory is dangerous.

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According to Eric Arrington of Daily Wrestling News, some top officials are interested in splitting up the world famous, two-time champs at the upcoming WWE draft. They also want to give Big E. a huge push as a singles star.

However, there are people who are opposed to the idea because The New Day are still a top merchandise seller. They are also afraid that Kingston and Woods will just get lost in the midcard. It should be noted that these are just rumors and has not been confirmed.

The WWE draft is only just two weeks away and we should just wait and see what the company is planning. The New Day seems to have reached its peak but they are still a very entertaining act that the crowd loves.

Phillipa Hopwood of Still Real To Us suggested that Woods should turn on The New Day in their feud against The Wyatt Family. He compared the heel turn to what Seth Rollins did to The Shield. Of course, it is a great idea but Woods does not have the size WWE loves.

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Big E. has the best potential among the three members since he has the look that Vince McMahon loves. Kingston is already a veteran to get pushed to the top while Woods, as mentioned earlier, is not a big guy.

Photo Courtesy: Miguel Discart/Flickr

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