WWE vs. UFC: McGregor mocked on RAW, Vince’s revenge

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) never seems to back away when it has the chance to take some sort of a dig towards Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

It’s not even a week since Conor McGregor faced defeat at the hands of Nate Diaz and social media has been buzzing since then. On the recent episode of ‘Monday Night Raw’, McGregor was reminded once again of how he was knocked out.

It was during one of the tag-team matches on RAW when commentator John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield (JBL) took a dig at the Irishman. WWE Diva’s Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch were involved in the match. JBL’s shot towards McGregor came when Lynch was slammed into a barricade.

“It was like what happened to Conor McGregor on Saturday night” JBL said, according to Fox Sports.

The comment came out of nowhere considering there was no real reason for JBL to have his go towards the UFC fighter. It has to be noted that Layfield was present at UFC 196 to view the fight between Conor and Diaz.

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This was not the only time when McGregor’s defeat was highlighted on live television. Lead commentator Michael Cole also had his go when gifted with an opportunity. As Sasha Banks came out of the match victorious via a submission, Cole had his say.

“This is what happened to McGregor – tap out!” Cole mentioned.

WWE and UFC always have some sparring going on between them. The head of both companies Vince McMahon and Dana White have their own vision in regards to sports entertainment and fans jump on either side of the bandwagon.

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It was sometimes back when McGregor was seen speaking in favor of his boss White being a better promoter than Vince McMahon.

”Is it a sport? I don’t know. It’s completely different than what we do. So, I’m going to say Dana is a better fight promoter because Vince McMahon is not a fight promoter.” McGregor said, according to @TheBuzzer.

This was in reply to Brock Lesnar’s statement who considered Vince as the better promoter. It is important to note here that Brock had his stint as an UFC Fighter and was also the UFC heavyweight champion.

Maybe, the mockery towards McGregor on RAW by its commentators was Vince’s way of making a statement?

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