WWE wrestler does not favor TNA purchase, prefers to hire buddies from NJPW

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AJ Styles not for TNA purchase
AJ Styles not for TNA purchase

It’s no secret that TNA wrestling has been undergoing financial problems over the past years, and has been seemingly eyed by investors like Billy Corgan and the WWE. Reports had indicated that Corgan has moved forward with the TNA purchase, while the WWE has gone off to buy their competitor’s archives.

The speculation was also shared on social media.

Although there has not been any update yet on the purchase, possibly keeping the door open for a potential TNA purchased by the WWE.

And one WWE wrestler is not very happy with the thought.

AJ Styles does not favor TNA purchase

In a recent interview with the Phoenix Times, Styles is already voicing his hesitation to be involved with any of the wrestlers of TNA, emphasizing that he prefers the WWE to stick with its own wrestlers (and formula).

“I don’t know. I think that I would love for them to be them and us to be us,” shared Styles during the interview. “Competition’s a good thing and to see some of my friends may be losing their jobs, that’s never good. So I would love to see them continue to exist and do so.”

AJ Styles seem to sing a different song though when he was asked about his friends from the Bullet Club, specifically New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) stars Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks. Apparently, they are also eyeing a career in the WWE for a potential reunion with their former wrestling buddy, but for Styles, their happiness is what should always come first.

“Yeah, those guys, I would love to see ’em here. But the thing is that what’s more important to me is that they’re happy. And I know a lot of those guys are happy,” said Styles. But there’s a part of me, a selfish part of me, that wants my friends to be a part of it. And I know I’ve got good-hearted friends, they’re good people and I want good people to work here in the WWE. But it may not be the times.”

Apparently, it may not be the perfect time for a TNA purchase, as well.

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