Zack Ryder and Emma break up Fans post clues online

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Zack Ryder and Emma
Zack Ryder and Emma

Back in January Zack Ryder and Emma officially became an item after photos of the two WWE stars began surfacing online. Since then, the two have become one of the most popular couples in the wrestling company.

Although, now all that may change as there are rumors spreading that the two have split up.

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While Zack Ryder has been happily enjoying his career in Smackdown, Emma, on the other hand, has been out of the picture. Reports have indicated that she is being “repackaged” for a supposed return to the WWE soon.

But her comeback may be a sad one coming in with the news of her supposed breakup with Zack Ryder. This was even made more certain when Emma officially unfollowed her boyfriend (?) on Instagram.

On top of this, some fans are theorizing that their separation from each other in the WWE rosters could also signify that they had broken up. Emma, upon her return, is set to be with the RAW roster while Ryder is listed on the SmackDown roster.

Zack Ryder and Emma break up? Emma to turn heel in return as Emmalina?

Emma’s return would also bring about a significant change, as she will be debuting her new persona “Emmalina” on RAW in the coming weeks. Promo segments have already been released to hype up her character and they seem to indicate that she will be coming back as a heel.

Presently, Emma has only been working at WWE Live events as a guest referee. Fans are also speculating that she will start off as a ringside valet for a specific wrestler once she joins RAW. Could this be another reason for the supposed Zack Ryder and Emma break up?

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Whether or not the two have truly split, many are surely looking forward to the debut of Emmalina, and the continued success of Zack Ryder. Although it wouldn’t hurt if they were still together.

Photo Courtesy: Miguel Discart/ Flickr

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